Sara Venkatraman

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Welcome! I am a third-year PhD student in the Department of Statistics and Data Science at Cornell University, where I am advised by Professors Martin Wells and Sumanta Basu. My research interests are broadly in the analysis of time-evolving phenomena. I especially enjoy thinking about statistical theory and methods for recovering dynamical systems from data. I am also interested in problems in network science, numerical analysis, and optimal transport, as well as applications of statistics to demography and public health.

Previously, I studied statistics at Yale University as a master’s student and at Cornell as an undergraduate.


* denotes co-first authorship.

More about me

I am from Los Angeles, California and have also lived in France, where I attended middle and high school, and the United Kingdom. Outside of statistics, I enjoy classical piano, painting, photography, and running. My favorite dataset is the New York Philharmonic Performance History Database.

I co-organize the math/statistics Directed Reading Program at Cornell, which pairs undergraduates with PhD students to work on semester-long reading projects on topics of mutual interest.

Last updated: December 2021.
Source code available here.